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Written by kodg   
Friday, 16 April 2010 12:58


Alias vs Rhino

So, a few words about these programs. A lot of people have asked me which of these programs is better? what program is best explored? Does it make sense to study the Rhino if then still have to learn Alias? etc.

Now I can say for sure that in the arsenal of any industrial designer should be both programs (and many more:)).

The main advantages and disadvantages which, in my view are important.



• simplicity (in order to start using Rhino, you can simply look at the animated help and has already become clear how it all works)
• a very large and convenient tools for NURBS modeling (such a great tool except Rhino I have not seen anywhere else, a lot of handy features)
• speed (this applies to modeling, all instruments are made so that we can achieve the desired result for a couple of clicks)
• low cost (995$) :) (less Alias)
• Snaps (in the world is ):)no better snaps than Rhino
• Ability to install additional plug-ins


• with so many tools, not enough control on the basic - such as the Rail Sweep, which prevents to achieve the desired result quickly.
• No opportunity to build a surface of class A, which is why we have to study and other programs;)

Alias Surface.


• Modeling of surfaces of class A
• A large number of tools
• Control (almost all surfaces created by any of the tools Alias have a large number of functions for extra control, and this is achieved by the high quality of the surface)


• Not being used to very uncomfortable (but when you get used to - everything is very competently done! :))
• Few Snap (after Rhino want more :))
• Expensive! ($ 20000) :)
• No opportunity (as far as I know) to install additional plug-ins

In this tutorial:
The impossibility to control the tool Rhino Rail Sweep - continuity on all four sides, but the ability to control in Alias. Also shown technic create surfaces of class A in Alias. - 395.11 Mb
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Comments (7)
  • zhqzh70  - oh! no, I can't see anything

    oh! no, I can't see anything
    something wrong

  • pgolay  - Using Sweep2 in Rhinoceros

    Hi all- I would create the surfaces in Rhino as in this clip-

    The clip is from Rhino V5 but the same tools and settings are in V4.


  • kodg  - re: Вопрос про SolidThinking
    zim13 wrote:
    Уважаемые специалисты, не могли бы вы высказаться о SolidThinking?
    Мне очень интересно любое мнение.

    чтобы что то объективное высказать нужно быть специалистом именно в SolidThinking...
    посмотрел я видео на официальном сайте ОЧЕНЬ впечатлило!!! :!: думаю программа стоит внимания...

  • zim13  -  Вопрос про SolidThinking

    Уважаемые специалисты, не могли бы вы высказаться о SolidThinking?
    Мне очень интересно любое мнение.

  • ZiCViZ

    я думаю там деньги платят ;)
    ничего не имею против автора всетаки это его интелектуальный труд ... но всеже

  • franck27

    Very interresting :) post more of that :)

  • _deus_

    Опять только на депозит залил!? Давай рапиду.

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